Intelligent Detection
Technical background
Technical background

Technical background

Founded in 2005, Fund Acoustics is a leading enterprise acoustic AI technology service provider, committed to providing AI intelligent acoustic detection, operation and maintenance and other diversified solutions for industrial intelligent manufacturing customers.

Relying on its strong technical R & D strength, Fund Acoustics provides accurate, predictive and real-time intelligent detection of sound abnormalities and sound quality for all kinds of industrial product production lines with high-precision sound acquisition equipment, platform level data processing technology and massive industrial voiceprint data. Its customers include automobile and parts, household appliances, medical treatment, machinery, electronics and other industries.

Fund Acoustics adheres to the core competitiveness of independent R & D and iterative technological innovation. The main team comes from the Institute of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiaotong University, Shanghai University, ZTE, Xiaomi and other famous domestic institutes, universities and enterprises. The R & D team is composed of authoritative experts in acoustics, electronics, computers, sensors and AI algorithms, It has nearly 10 years of scientific research experience in the field of acoustic monitoring and has applied for dozens of patents.

System overview

The industrial acoustic intelligent detection system is developed and designed by Fund Acoustics and adopts the industrial acoustic intelligent detection software smartacoustics with the independent intellectual property rights of Fund Acoustics ®, Cooperate with microphone, preamplifier, signal acquisition card, touch screen and PLC communication module to realize the integrated process of sound signal acquisition, training, analysis, prediction, display and communication, which can be applied to the sound intelligent detection and analysis of various industrial products and equipment.

System advantages

Core Technology

Sound detection algorithm based on deep learning

The CNN convolution neural network model is used to realize the high-precision prediction of abnormal sound.

Sound quality algorithm

The sound pressure level, loudness, sharpness, roughness and annoyance are calculated in real time to monitor the sound quality.

PLC communication module

The host software integrates the PLC communication library of major manufacturers to realize the high integration of automation and intelligence of industrial production line and meet the requirements of production beat.

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